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We have, in our day, witnessed the birth of the
application of Neuroscience to the Rehabilitation and Recovery process.
This is perhaps the ultimate use of the practical use of neuroscience
to enhance with medical research and data the stable consistent
recovery rate of 5 years from alcoholism
and a general use of psychoactive substances,
provided by a MD psychiatrist Dr. Arden Gifford, MD,
who was certified by the
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Addiction Psychiatry.

We now have recently developed neuroscience knowledge and proven fundamentals that are the methods of the psychoactive agents on the brain, together with a systematic replacement method of restoring the brain to its normal state and aiding the recovery programs of rehabilitation for alcoholism and other psychoactive agents. Through the Auspices of the Healing our Wellness training program of CPC Institute, Webinars are provided globally and throughout the United States to Rehab programs on a weekly basis to host through GO TO MEETING by CITRIX, a email based platform for a 2 hour give-and-take discussion and talking points discussing the application of of the neurobiology and neuroscience information which will enhance and develop the counseling and management of the Rehab program staff locally.

Dr. Gifford has worked in the field of Recovery and Rehabilitation since 1969 and has developed a system of e-Virtual Office for the Strategic Air Command Pilots for telecommunication globally for following his patients in the Human Reliability Program of the United States Air Force. Through out the world he was in 24/7 communication with the men piloting the USAF jets with major strategic materials.

Dr. Gifford was a Asst. Professor of Psychiatry at University of Texas Medical School and has included a biography of his experience for your review.

Now, with the advent of GO TO MEETING, the program is available by email basis as scheduled by the Rehab Program staff.

To Register and enroll for the curriculum click HERE
To call Dr. Gifford for more information dial 713.805.7638

[1] Food is Best Medicine [ LINK - ]

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